My Take on the Meaning of Privilege

No one is entitled to a life of unruffled privilege. There are always terms and conditions that overturn our conception of the very definition of the word itself. I feel in this age of social media, a seemingly recurring theme on this blog, there are more invisible tools for self-harm than visible ones.  I've realized that saying one is privileged is hardly explanatory of one's character. You can always assume rich people to be egotistical, but I know of some who defy that stereotype. So at the end of the day, privilege is a word that carries less meaning, more stereotypes.  You can be privileged in different ways - your wealth, your looks, your personality, your achievements and opportunities, your character, your peers, etc.  But whatever it is that this word refers to hardly is fulfilling for somebody. If I am rich, I probably have a struggling home life. If my peers are incredible, I have financial instability. If I have a great personality, I barely have opportunities to s

The Mental Health Conversation We Never Imagined We Needed

For literally centuries, mental health has become a question of being exaggerative and that has undoubtedly caused a lot of damage - what with the gaslighting it will entail, the hurt that will be felt, and the invalidation of the very much valid wounds. This is the basis of the narrow outlook many have had when it comes to mental health. Let's set our perspective straight once and for all. It isn't mental health that is important, per se, but understanding and deciphering what it could mean for each unique individual. Decoding it would entail a fascinating inference - each individual's mindset or, psychology, I daresay, which is vastly different. All of this being taken into account is what is so important but overlooked in the age of crippling social media addictions. How this empire of social media has annihilated our attempts at being sane, once and for all and almost obliterating almost all hope for restoring our mental health, is a topic for a separate blog post in an

thinking about thinking

THINKING ABOUT THINKING I drift into an unknown imagining, Speak to myself, I do. After sunset, when the veins flush with blood, My eyes finally find sight. I think about thinking and decide I am gifted. I ponder over life, I conclude on its mockable pose, how it fools even brainier mortals. I want to know the feeling of feeling, a feeling that escapes our soul before we could record it, cherish it. I wish to scream at the unblinking stars, but I remember the gag. The night, with his kindly gaze looks down upon my kind, who think when the common mind is meant to sleep. I laugh. I feel flattered. I feel an envenomed buzz of a stone in my stomach.  Every note from that masterly pianist astounds and I am in awe. I wish I could climb as high as it. I circle around pointless innuendos and find myself worse off. Where does this end? Death. Then I don't want it to end. Life is drama? Perfunctory? Repetitive?! That's funny. Every blink I record a blip of life. Gone. Slipped away from m

Fake News: Impact of an Untold Pandemic

Coronavirus is not the only pandemic of whose traces our future generations will be dealing with, but it will be accursed with the pandemic of fake news too, which by then would have intensified into an evil force capable of haunting consequences. Some would argue that it already has. This is also a viral infection, where the active caseload has, ever since its inception, witnessed an unyielding uptick, where recoveries are barely a handful and deaths are only climbing, day by day. In this time of new gadgets, bulldozing into an already overflowing market, the aspects to our lives are not just increasing, they are exponentially doing so. Before the dawn of social media and the mindless obsession over likes, tweets, and posts, that serve to be these newly added aspects, life was much simpler to live. People had simpler motives. Even evil was not difficult to comprehend.  The digital age comes with a compelling entrĂ©e of heavy artillery and weaponry along with all tools needed to defend

The Symbolism of Severus Snape (Part 2)

Snape lived like a prisoner, sentenced without grounds, being humiliated on a daily basis not just in Hogwarts but also, going back home to be subjected to a unique set of abuse and violation that would come to have serious psychological repercussions. The net result of this abuse from all aspects undoubtedly left a tear in his mental fabric, a tear that highlights Snape's fallen standards for acceptance and fulfillment. This was an unplumbed depth of rock bottom for Snape and his self-control was walking on a tightrope, each day. There was no solace, no peace or purpose and he gradually grew a thick-skin and turned indifferent to emotion. It's not like there was much other than misery and desperation to feel, anyway. After a while, being immune to feeling became his comfort zone.  The Fandom rarely delves into these moments in Snape's life because it is a herculean task to empathize with him, but a cathartic experience, nonetheless. We readily pass our judgments on Snape w

The Symbolism of Severus Snape (Part 1)

Severus Snape is often considered by many as one of the greatest characters in English literature. Appreciated for the depth of character which comes to fruition towards the end of the final arc of the Harry Potter series, he is a man no amount of words can fully describe. Herein lies the genius of the Harry Potter series, for we get to pick a side, and so, this is the case  for  Severus Snape, Potion master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Before Hogwarts   The pathos that surrounds the character is truly mind-boggling. You'd think you understand him, but you're opening a Pandora's box and the worst part is you don't even realize it.  We begin with the onset of the man's life. To say 'Snape did not live an easy childhood' is a rather convenient way to trivialize the most glaring reasons for his greatest vices. Describing his childhood by calling it what it is not does nothing to describe it, only to desecrate its existence while never really g